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Our IT asset recovery proposition is all about giving you a choice of disposal options, helping you to meet your asset retirement and environmental objectives whilst delivering maximum value to your business from the redeployment of surplus or end of life technology assets.

We provide a flexible range of IT recovery services to suit our customers requirements, choose the services that match your needs and fit your budget, no minimums — no long-term agreements and choose exactly the support you need to optimize results.

  • Logistics and de-installation including data centre decommissioning – we can manage the process on your behalf, even down to complete site clearance should you need it.
  • Computer hardware refurbishment for redeployment within your organisation or resale – through various channels – we guarantee your data is completely removed prior to remarketing. Parts and component recovery for re-use, redistribution or resale is also available
  • IT equipment recycling for obsolete, end of life or beyond economic repair computer equipment, recovering metals and plastics for recycling
  • Return Management, Warranty and customer returns services for OEMs, distributors, resellers and retailers


Our varied customer base includes the following:

  • Blue chip organisations
  • Higher education institutions
  • Local government
  • Public sector organisations to small / medium / large companies


Offered Services

De-installation - This service is available from single systems to complete data centre decommissioning. Our experienced staff are well trained in recovering all types of IT equipment and transporting them safely and securely for processing at one of our strategically located regional processing centres. This regional logistics network enables us to deliver effective point to point, same day logistics.  

Refurbish & Redeploy - We can help with the refurbishment and redeployment of your IT assets, whether you wish to sell back to employees or use our knowledge and expertise to sell back into the open market for a fixed figure or on a profit share scheme.

Trade-In - Trade-in your redundant IT assets against newer Unix products is a scheme we have employed for many years, especially useful when budgets has been slashed but you need to keep up-to-date with regular software update and/or increased production.

Recycling - In conjuction with local e-waste recycling centres which are all certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards we can offfer a recycling services for products which no longer have a value in the used marketplace.

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